Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kenya Online Directory

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Can Your Customers Find You Online?

Increasingly people are searching for everything online. Whether it is a tourist looking for a low budget hostel to stay in or a businessperson in Nairobi seeking a freelance accounts clerk or a place to buy a new laptop battery at a good price.

Or Kenyans looking for interesting Kenyan sites/blogs to enhance their online experience. Or a company looking for somebody to write an attractive brochure or newsletter for them. Or a web designer to design a website for them.

The list is endless.

Online searches are so easy and convenient because without leaving their desks/work stations people go to the Google search engine or popular sites that are bound to have the information they seek, like Kenya Online Directory.

Now you don't even need to have a website for your potential customers and clients to find you online. And if you have a website that hardly gets traffic, now you can expect more traffic. All you need to do is to create a page on your company/products/services in Kenya Online Directory. It is so easy. Either send all the information via email to also attach photographs. Or just click "leave comments" below and type in your ad.

That's it!!

We will do the rest.

Don't postpone it. Create your free ad in Kenya Online Directory Now.

Why your ad in Kenya Online Directory will be effective;

# After a few days anybody on the planet will be able to find you by using Google and other popular search engines.

# Your ad is permanent (although you can edit it at any time to include new information).

# If you already have a site, you will dramatically increase traffic to it with an ad page in Kenya Online Directory.

# If you don't have a site thousands of your potential customers will still see your ad daily and get in touch with you to buy your products or services.


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