Friday, December 19, 2008

House Wife's Paradise Ltd. Special Offer

15% OFF Samsung LCD, Plasma and Ultra Slim TVs
10% OFF Samsung refrigerators
Make sure you get your discount, Say you saw the offer online

House Wife's Paradise Ltd

Fridges, Cookers, Microwaves, Freezers, Domestic and Electronic Appliances

Tel: 0733-618084

ICEA Building branch, Kenyatta Avenue: 2228798/2228801/0733-618084

Eastleigh Mall, Former KBS Garage Shop No 17 and 18 Tel: 0735-247643

Offer valid while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Want your phone ringing off the hook with people eager to buy from you?

It is very simple. Just get a web page created for your business and tons of traffic directed to it. Your telephone contact will then be placed on it.

For only Kshs 2,900, you can have your phone ringing off the hook in the next hour or so. Call online traffic expert NOW at 0727-217920. Ask for Lusweti.

Call now to avoid disappointment. Unfortunately I can only handle a limited number of businesses.

Get a posh office address in Nairobi instantly as well as a functional work station

Get a ready office you can use so that you can be free to concentrate on running your business and NOT on the headaches of running an office as well.

Create a BIG first impression and avoid the high overhead expenses of setting up an office. Find the answers at Professional Solutions Centre. We provide you with the office environment to help you succeed and an image that projects success. Surely there is nothing that succeeds like success.

Get an office at a highly respectable address in Nairobi, computer, office furniture, meeting rooms, high speed internet connection all at a price that you will never believe.

Only Kshs 12,000 a month for an office and everything you need.

Shorter term offers for Kshs 1,000 and Kshs 4,500 available.

Call now:

0722-899717 / 0733-620970

If you say you heard about this deal online, you will get an automatic 5% discount.

Call now, limited spaces remaining.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get 5000 people to see your product or service, you DON’T need a website and its’ ALL FREE

…And after that get 1,000,000 more hits for FREE

What kind of impact would there be on the sales of your products or services if 1,005,000 unique visitors saw what it is that you sell? And you DON’T even need a website for this. Just send me information on your products and services and we will set up a page here at Kenya Online Directory advertising your products for you for FREE. Complete with photographs (if you send them).

And this can happen right away, you DON’T need to pay anything. Just send me an email NOW with details on what it is you want to sell. That is all. I will do the rest. I will even provide you with a password to be checking how many people have visited your page every day.

After you have received 5,000 visitors, YOU decide what to do next. You will have 2 options;

1. You can do nothing and we will stop sending visitors to your site. And you will owe me nothing. ZERO shillings. But the page advertising your products or services will remain intact and online forever. You can still refer people to it in every email you send out. You will also still be able to receive some traffic directly from search engines on the page.

2. If you are happy with the results and have sold some products already, all you need to do is pay Kshs 1,990 or $29.90 and we will continue sending targeted traffic to your page until the hit counter reaches 1,005,000 unique visitors. GOSH!! That is a lot of prospective customers for your business, don’t you think? 1,005,000!!!!

So, what are you waiting for? It is all FREE and there is absolutely no risk. SEND ME AN EMAIL NOW with details on your product/Service.

P.S. If you have a site or blog already, for this offer to work we have to create a unique page advertising your products/services or your website or blog. That page will then refer traffic to your site. However if you want traffic to be directly sent to your site then the offer DOES NOT apply and we will have to work out something different. Kindly EMAIL ME for details.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Email message that Kumekucha received recently

Hi Kumekucha,

You will remember me for the ads that I placed in Kumekucha some months back for my telecommunications business.

I notice that you are now doing something with Kenya Online Directory and offering 6 months free advertising. I believe that this is very ill advised.

I paid for a one week advertisement in Kumekucha and the response was huge. I stand to be corrected but I believe that was before you even reached a million visitors in traffic. My site climbed from a handful of visitors to thousands within a flash. That was just one week of advertising. Now you want to offer 6 months advertising for free and make people rich!! For what!! What about you and Kumekucha, you don’t need mbesha? Where do you think the one thousand bob will take you? Your offer does not make business sense and you are selling yourself way short, my friend. There are ways to boost your advertising revenue without giving away the whole shop and I can advice accordingly.

Hoping that this criticism will be taken positively.


Our advice is that you take advantage of the 6 month free advertising offer before public pressure makes Kumekucha and Kenya Online Directory change their minds. The sweet deal will see your ad placed on Kenya Online Directory and then a link will be created from the mammoth traffic Kumekucha site. This means that you DO NOT even need to have a web site to advertise yourself online. However you can also get a link directly to your site (if you have one) from Kumekucha. Get the full details of the offer HERE.

So why stay with your low sales or your blog or web site that gets one visitor per day (and that is yourself) when you have a chance to change things dramatically?

Get the FULL details Now and then act immediately.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kenya Online Directory in conjunction with Kumekucha (the most popular Kenyan political blog ever) presents the offer of a lifetime to celebrate the life of assassinated Kenyan politician Tom Mboya…

Your ad exposed to 1.5 million hits for the next 6 months…. WOW

Place your advertisement here in this popular Kenyan ad site and be sure of getting no less than 1.5 million hits because we will link to your ad from the highly popular, mammoth traffic, Kumekucha site (1.5 million hits and climbing).

Be among the first 100 to place your ad and be guaranteed that your advertisement will run non-stop for 6 months. More on that later. (see the second PS below for details).

Take advantage of our red hot special offer for July only where $19 or (Kshs 1,000) will give you a link daily for a whole week from Kumekucha’s top story of the day to your advertisement here that is permanent. (By the way people have been paying a lot of money to have their ads on Kumekucha) The link works in exactly the same way you were linked here from Kumekucha just now to read this advertisement.

Are you selling something or do you have a site that you would like to see serious traffic flowing to from Kenyans based all over the world? Get your high traffic advertisement now. EMAIL FOR DETAILS on how to send your payment.

P.S. You can also get a link directly from Kumekucha to your web site, if you prefer that.

P.S. 2 You will need to move quickly on this one because the first 100 advertisers ONLY will have their ads running non-stop every day for the next 6 months!!! That is the link will be placed on Kumekucha for 6 whole months!!! Imagine the traffic you will get!! Imagine the profits you will make!!! EMAIL NOW for details put “6 MONTHS FREE AD” in the subject area for speedier action.

In case the email link above does not work for you just send an email now to umissedthis at yahoo dot com and don’t forget to put “6 MONTHS FREE AD” in the subject area.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Circular Knitting Machines: Intermatex East Africa Limited

Mayer and Cie

Circular Knitting Machines

Intermatex East Africa Limited
6th Floor, Soin Arcade
P. O. B. 46457

Fax: +254 / 20 / 444 10 11

Cheap Computer Accessories: Siam Computers (K) Ltd.

HP Flash Disk 1 GB Kshs 900/- 2 Gb Kshs 1,400

Panasonix Fax film 57E and 136A Kshs 600

100% genuine HP Ink and Toner catridges with warranty HP21A- shs 1,000/ HP135- shs 1,400

Also available, all digital duplicating inks and master stencils.

Siam Computers (K) Ltd

Fax: 2212538

the best in web design Kenya