Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How To Start A Business

Interested in starting a successful business?

A successful idea starts with an excellent business idea that is best suited for you. Many businesses fail because the whole thing was a bad idea from the start.

But we also have to appreciate the idea that good ideas are not easy to come by. There is plenty on information online that will help you find the perfect idea for the business you ought to start that is bound to be a success and so I suggest that you get on with it and do some serious research.

However chances are that you are not the kind of person who is good at generating ideas. And what you really need is a source of dozens of brilliant ideas where you can read through and choose the right idea.

Take the following idea as an example.

Low-cost CCTV using a website

Security is a very big issue in Kenya just now and the situation is bound to get only worse in the foreseeable future. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that many Kenyans have taken to electronics and technology to help protect their property and lives. The only big draw back is the cost. And that is why this idea is sure to take off like a rocket headed for the moon.

These days there are very cheap cameras around (using the same technology as those cheap webcams people have on their PCs.). It will not be too difficult to install these tiny cameras that are supposed to be concealed for maximum effect, and then linking them to a website. Your clients will have access to monitoring their locations by signing into the website. By linking to a website the cost of CCTV comes down dramatically because they don’t need wiring and TV screens on site. It also means that your profit margin can be much higher.

To ensure that your clients still have access even when there is a power outage, advice them to purchase laptops (which can easily stay on for an hour after the power has gone) and then also invest in a small car battery and inverter to provide power for longer periods of power outage. This is important because criminals may sabotage the electricity so as to avoid detection. They have done this in many instances.

Selling System

This is the kind of idea that you can break the bank with and you should not charge too little for it. So these selling systems are NOT designed for those who will charge way too little for it.

You will get numerous other brilliant ideas that can work anywhere in the world from this amazing book called 101 Brilliant Business Ideas. Download a free sample copy HERE.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Social Media Marketing: Facebook For Business

Facebook For Business Kenya: Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing and specifically using Facebook for business is the in thing these days. hardly surprising when you realize that everybody is on Facebook.

And Kenyans have not been left behind in this worldwide craze. It is estimated that there are over 4 million Kenyans on Facebook. There is no way you can ignore that number.

A visible trend is how so many Kenyan companies are now using Facebook for business and to market their services and products very effectively. Just to name two big names that are very active in social media marketing, Safaricom and Kenya Airways. Not to mention numerous other small companies getting excellent results marketing on Facebook.

So how does one market their business on Facebook? How do you attract valuable business leads from Facebook? How do you sell your product effectively using Facebook?

Get a Facebook marketing expert to work for you and your business and help you cash in on the Facebook craze to win new customers and clients for your business.

It will cost you only Kshs 3,500 to create a major campaign for you that will see thousands of people from Facebook being exposed to what you are offering and visiting a special web page with information on your company. You should be able to convert many of them into paying customers when they contact you.

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Kenya IT

Kenya IT Overview

Business ideas from Kenya IT

The Kenya IT industry is fairly well developed for this part of the world. Indeed there are many who gauge Kenya as the leading IT nation outside South Africa.

The market for selling hardware is fairly competitive and prices reflect this. However when it comes to Laptops prices are still relatively high mostly because the demand has been very high and quite a number of entrepreneurs are still making a killing selling Laptops and notebooks in Kenya.

Fascinatingly many of the recent self-made millionaire Kenyans have done so in the IT industry. Ayisi Makatiani and Anthony Wahome are the names that come to mind. Mr Wahome, also in his 40s, is the CEO of Linksoft Telecom Networks, which has been building base stations for telecom firms in the region. Mr Makatiani is best known as the entrepreneur who together with two other Kenyans — Karanja Gakio and Amolo Ng’weno — founded Africa Online in 1994 in Cambridge US where they were studying. Less than two years later the founding members sold the company to Prodigy Inc, a US firm, through a share swap. Africa Online is today owned by Telkom South Africa. There are numerous other IT self made millionaires that have been produced by the Kenyan market.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

IT business ideas Kenya

IT business ideas Kenya

In the current market it has dawned on many Kenyans that IT ideas have a much bigger chance of success. Indeed if you look at the list of Kenyan self-made millionaires over the last 10 years a staggering percentage of them have made their quick fortune from technology and many of them directly from IT (Information technology).

Numerous brilliant ideas in the best-selling ground-breaking 101 Brilliant Business Ideas That Will Thrive In Kenya are IT business ideas. And you don't have to order the whole book to gauge the quality of the ideas. You can download a free sample copy of the book NOW to see and judge for yourself. In fact you will find that the very first idea in the sample copy is a brilliant IT business idea.

Sex Tourism in Africa and Kenya

Sex Tourism in Africa and Kenya
Africa has always held great fascination for tourists and first time visitors. Those who have been to Africa always use the word "unforgettable" to describe their experiences. But it is also true that many more visit and leave without discovering many interesting secrets on the continent.

What you are about to read will shock you. And most of all this information will answer a burning question that has arisen in recent times where white women tourists on holiday have come to Kenya with only one objective on their minds—to find a lover from the Masai tribe. An even more disturbing trend has arisen where women who manage to accomplish this weird objective are hooked for life and some have even left their families, husbands and financial security, to settle for life with their new-found penniless Masai lovers.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Business Ideas New: Are You Looking For Hot New Ideas For Kenya?

Business Ideas New: Are You Looking For Hot New Ideas For Kenya?

Sample the following comments;

Thank you for your wonderful ebook. I have never in my life read such a powerful collection of hot new small business ideas in one place.

You are not serious selling this wonderful ebook of such valuable business ideas that I have not seen anywhere else for such little money. LOL! But I am not complaining. Thanks.

These ideas are meant for the Kenyan market. I have read all 101 of them and my expert opinion is that they can be applied almost anywhere else in the world. Awesome ebook.

I thought I would put it away to read later but I couldn't put it down...

Tell me you are a millionaire. How could somebody with such amazing cash generating small business ideas be anything less?

Add your comment in the comments section below after you have read 101 Brilliant Business Ideas That Will Thrive In Kenya

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Small Business Forum Kenya: Hot New Ideas

Small Business Forum Kenya: Hot New Ideas

The best small business forum for Kenyan entrepreneurs looking for hot new ideas that will work like a charm has to be the 110 Brilliant Business Ideas blog. Kenyan entrepreneurs from all over the world who have purchased the runaway best-selling ebook 101 BRILLIANT BUSINESS IDEAS THAT WILL THRIVE IN KENYA regularly visit the blog to leave comments and discuss issues that affect small business. If there is a place where the chances of finding your hot new business idea are extremely high then it has to be this blog.

Visit this Small Business Forum Kenya blog now.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Business Ideas Africa: Brilliant Ideas From Security

Business Ideas Africa: Brilliant Ideas From SecurityLink

This book not only has brilliant business ideas from the security industry but from every other area you can imagine and some that you cannot... Get a free sample copy

Business Ideas Africa: Brilliant Ideas From Security
Security is a major concern in the world today and Kenya and Africa is no exception to this worrying trend. We see all kinds of scary stories in the media every day which basically make most people feel very insecure and unsafe. Peace of mind becomes difficult for people with property of any value.

And so there is rather obvious that security products and services will continue to do well in Africa and Kenya for many years to come. However there are a number of obstacles that cause some businesses not to do well in security based businesses.

Topmost on the list has to be the cost. The big mistake many have made is to target only the high end market. There is nothing wrong with that except that in many cases you will already find big international names serving that market. This makes it extremely difficult for a new local upstart to compete. After all many in the high end of the market will be foreigners who prefer to stick with big international names that they already know, whatever the cost.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kenya Masai: bizarre customs that will shock tourists

Kenya Masai: bizarre customs that will shock tourists
Believe it or not most Kenyans who are fellow countrymen to the Masai tribe know very little about this African tribe in comparison to white women and westerners in general who have discovered certain amazing Masai secrets through mainly word of mouth. Local fellow Kenyans who don't belong to the Masai tribe don't have the slightest clue about these Masai top secrets.

The reason is not too difficult to guess. Many Africans who believe that they are civilized usually look down on the Masai tribe and dismiss them as primitive, uneducated and backward. They therefore have no need to understand this unique African tribe's culture. So finding out what many women in the west have discovered about the Masai tribe is virtually impossible for them.

What you are about to read will shock you. And most of all this information will answer a burning question that has arisen in recent times where white women tourists on holiday have come to Kenya with only one objective on their minds—to find a lover from the Masai tribe.

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Masai African Tribe Sexual Secrets: Sex Tourism And The Nude Tribe That Attracts White Women Tourists Like A Magnet

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Business ideas Kenya, Africa

Business ideas Kenya, Africa

You will find plenty of brilliant ideas in my book 101 BRILLIANT BUSINESS IDEAS THAT WILL THRIVE IN KENYA that will help you see huge and highly profitable opportunities surrounding you that are ready and waiting for you.

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