Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kenya IT

Kenya IT Overview

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The Kenya IT industry is fairly well developed for this part of the world. Indeed there are many who gauge Kenya as the leading IT nation outside South Africa.

The market for selling hardware is fairly competitive and prices reflect this. However when it comes to Laptops prices are still relatively high mostly because the demand has been very high and quite a number of entrepreneurs are still making a killing selling Laptops and notebooks in Kenya.

Fascinatingly many of the recent self-made millionaire Kenyans have done so in the IT industry. Ayisi Makatiani and Anthony Wahome are the names that come to mind. Mr Wahome, also in his 40s, is the CEO of Linksoft Telecom Networks, which has been building base stations for telecom firms in the region. Mr Makatiani is best known as the entrepreneur who together with two other Kenyans — Karanja Gakio and Amolo Ng’weno — founded Africa Online in 1994 in Cambridge US where they were studying. Less than two years later the founding members sold the company to Prodigy Inc, a US firm, through a share swap. Africa Online is today owned by Telkom South Africa. There are numerous other IT self made millionaires that have been produced by the Kenyan market.

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