Sunday, August 21, 2011

Social Media Marketing: Facebook For Business

Facebook For Business Kenya: Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing and specifically using Facebook for business is the in thing these days. hardly surprising when you realize that everybody is on Facebook.

And Kenyans have not been left behind in this worldwide craze. It is estimated that there are over 4 million Kenyans on Facebook. There is no way you can ignore that number.

A visible trend is how so many Kenyan companies are now using Facebook for business and to market their services and products very effectively. Just to name two big names that are very active in social media marketing, Safaricom and Kenya Airways. Not to mention numerous other small companies getting excellent results marketing on Facebook.

So how does one market their business on Facebook? How do you attract valuable business leads from Facebook? How do you sell your product effectively using Facebook?

Get a Facebook marketing expert to work for you and your business and help you cash in on the Facebook craze to win new customers and clients for your business.

It will cost you only Kshs 3,500 to create a major campaign for you that will see thousands of people from Facebook being exposed to what you are offering and visiting a special web page with information on your company. You should be able to convert many of them into paying customers when they contact you.

Contact this Facebook marketing expert now on +254 727 217920 or email

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