Monday, July 26, 2010

Global fleet management solutions: For stress free management

0722-413076 / 0716-130328 / 0722-611037 / 0725-464329

Assuming you had slightly over Kshs one million to invest, where would you put your money? This is a tough one as most Kenyans have discovered. 10 million would be much easier to invest effectively.

But actually the truth is that there are little known options that would give one a tremendous return on their investment.

Global Fleet Management Solutions is a company that has been offering this service for sometime. Numerous delighted investors have greatly profited from the matatu business in a stress free environment.

Global fleet management solutions even gives clients vehicle procurement assistance where required. The matatu business starts with the acquisition of a good strong vehicle that is guaranteed to serve you well with minimal breakdowns and unnecessary downtime.

Global fleet management solutions are situated off Moi Avenue in Mombasa along Sauti ya Kenya Road not far from the Har Krishna temple along that road.

0722-413076 / 0716-130328 / 0722-611037 / 0725-464329


Visit the Global fleet management solutions site for full information

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Web design Kenya: For FREE

Can your business be found after a Google search?


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--------------------------------------Get web design and hosting services in Kenya & East Africa for FREE

- Get web design and hosting free as long as you allow us to optimize (search engine optimization—SEO services) the site we create for you so that it can be found from the popular Google search engine and Facebook.

- The cost for this SEO service is ONLY Kshs 3,999 (or $53). This fee does not include domain name fees which work out to $10 annually (approx Kshs 750/-)

- In fact you can get a domain name registered later after witnessing the powerful effect of your potential clients being able to easily find your free website through Google searches using the relevant keyword phrases. Just like you have been able to find this information you are reading now using keyword phrases in Google like web design Kenya

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Web design Kenya Survey reveals how clients are being cheated

This writer recently completed some interesting web design in Kenya research to understand why small businesses in the country are not using the web enough to market themselves when it makes so much sense to do so. The people I interviewed included at least one tourist hotel along the country’s world renowned tourist town of Mombasa that did not even have an email address. Tragic when Google statistics show growing numbers of their would-be-clients desperately searching for cheap budget hotels along the Coast just like theirs.

There are several obstacles standing in the way of many small and medium sized businesses and preventing them from cashing in on the benefits of the World Wide Web. High on the list is the cost for web design in Kenya which many find way too high. Shockingly it emerges that there are some high end web designers in the country who charge as much as Kshs 300,000 ($4,000) to design a website. When annual domain name fees are in the region of only $10, it is clear that this is rather excessive. Interestingly many of these companies get away with it by taking advantage of the ignorance of some of their clients.

The survey also reveals that at least 20% of small to medium sized businesses have already had a bad experience with a web designer in Kenya and in most cases have ended up abandoning their web site altogether. One company I spoke to was promised automatic huge traffic and indexing in the Google search engine but got really frustrated after a year of faithfully paying their bills but not seeing any benefits in return.

Nobody can be an expert in everything and web design companies are supposed to carefully explain everything to their clients without making them feel inadequate or unintelligent for not knowing something. Interestingly a staggering 5 per cent of the small business owners interviewed do not know the difference between an email address and a website. But so what, it should be patiently explained to them until they understand. Is it fair to sell something to somebody who does not really understand exactly what they are buying.

But by far the most contentious issue was that of search engine optimization services. Virtually all web designers in Kenya claim to offer search engine optimization services that would instantly get a new website indexed on major search engines like Google. Very few of them actually have the skills to deliver on this particular promise. And this is part of the reason why a large number of small and medium sized businesses who go for a website end up not being happy at the end results. They take the time effort and resources to build a beautiful website that hardly anybody visits.

The truth is that one does not even need a whole website to benefit from relevant web traffic. For many small businesses a single web page hosted on somebody else’s website but optimized so that people can find it directly from Google with relevant keyword phrases (or even from Facebook) and then call them on the telephone numbers listed can work wonders.

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Get my amazing ebook titled; How to create a free website and get tons of traffic from search engines for FREE. Send an email now to webkenya2010 at gmail dot com

Immigration Kenya

Thinking of immigration to Kenya?

Looking for work in Kenya?

Then you need to help of an immigration lawyer or immigration consultant on the ground who will make the whole process smooth for you with no hitches.

Talk to Florence today.

- She has lived of a number of years in Europe and elsewhere and will therefore be familiar with the needs and requirements of those wishing to immigrate to Kenya to work and live in this most addictive beautiful East African nation.
- Florence will help you smooth the whole process so that you do not at any time feel overwhelmed and anxious at the requirements that are necessary for the quick processing of your documents for residency in Kenya.

Drop her an email now at florencessmith at yahoo dot com

Or call +254 718 440451 NOW

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mwambao Insurance Agency for General Insurance Services

Mwambao Insurance Agency

Efficiency and Competency is our concern

Mob: 0723-932291 / 0734 218510
Tel:- 041-2317625

Githere Plaza
Opp. Tuskys Supermarket
Haile Selassie Avenue
Mombasa, Kenya

Expert advice that will save you a fortune as well as lots of grief.

See us for ALL your general insurance including but not limited to:-

- Commercial vehicles (from Matatus to heavy commercial trucks)
- Private vehicles (You can get insurance even for 14 days)
- Motor cycles and Tuktuks
- Fire and Perils (fire and a wide range of perils e.g. explosions, falling aircrafts malicious damage etc)
- Burglary and theft
- Personal accident
- Domestic package (covers dwelling house and contents against fire, natural catastrophe, theft as well as personal liabilities of the occupier to their staff and third parties)
- Public liability (covers legal liability for individuals or a business following injury or death to third parties)
- All Risks (widest form of insurance cover. Covers accidental loss, damage or destruction from any cause, which is not specifically excluded. Main exclusions are wear and tear, radiation, war risks and unexplained losses)
- Personal accident
- Professional indemnity cover
- Money (covers money in the form of cash, bank and currency notes, cheques. Can also extend to cover damages to safes and strongrooms resulting from theft or attempted theft)
- Computers (covers computers, printers, UPS’s and other computer accessories against loss, accidental damage or destruction from virtually any cause. Main exclusions are wear and tear, radiation, war risks, unexplained losses)
- Fidelity guarantee (covers theft of money or stocks occasioned by the dishonesty of the insured person’s own employees).
- WIPA (Workman’s compensation)
- Employer’s liability

Call 0723 932291 NOW!

Buy New and used cars from Anas Motors Ltd., Mombasa

No 1. Dealer in New & Used Cars
Call Now 0726-999777
Tel: 2229541 Fax:- 412318477 Email:-

It is hard to believe that Anas Motors Limited was only launched in 2003. This is because the company has a huge portfolio of satisfied clients who refer others or return themselves to make a purchase. This has a lot to do with the very competitive prices for used cars and new cars. Anas Motor also deals in trade ins.

The company’s spacious showroom is situated along Mombasa’s bustling Haile Selassie Road in Mombasa where you will meet very friendly staff in a relaxed atmosphere where you will enjoy inspecting the cars that you may be interested in purchasing.

VISIT ANAS MOTORS' SITE for more information

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


JUDA Enterprises
Tel:- +254 720 885349
+254 735 445176

1. Bamburi near JCC church 42.5 acres available

2. Tiwi near Travellers Beach Hotel (10 acres of white sandy beach)

3. Tiwi Beach plot 22, 25 and a half

4. Voi/Mbololo 70 acres right on main Mombasa/Nairobi Road asking Kshs 500,000 per acre

5. Kwale Kundtsi ‘B’ 130 acres on cliff overlooking Diani.

6. Lamu 112 acres on 2nd row behind proposed new port

7. Mtwapa township ¾ acre

8. Kikambala/Paradise Hotel 2 acres on 2nd row overlooking sea.

9. Mazeras 12.7 acres on main Mombasa/Nairobi Road.

10. Mazeras 30 acres on Rail line

11. Kilifi/Bofa 50 acres beach plot

12. Mariakani 12 acres on main Mombasa/Nairobi Road

JUDA Enterprises
P.O. Box 92278 Mombasa

Tel:- +254 720 885349
+254 735 445176

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Subra Contractors Ltd.

Property for sale Mombasa

Property agents, commission agents, building contractors, road maintenance, general civil engineering.

Situated along Moi Avenue
Suljanah Building
3rd floor
P.O. Box 99948

Tel:- 041 – 2013584/2313711
Mob: 0723 942003
/0721 516492

Kiembeni Estate 4 bedroom maisonette Kshs 7 million

Kiembeni 3 bedroom bungalow (several units) Kshs 5.1 million

Kiembeni 2 bedroom bungalow (several units) Kshs 3.9 million

Utange, very nice 5 bedroom maisonette Kshs 10 million

Utange nice 4 bedroom maisonette Kshs 9 million

Nyali Cinemax 3 bedroom flat on the ground
Floor with electric fence Kshs 8.3 million

Koja flats (ownership flats, 2 bedrooms) Kshs 4.6 million

Tudor Poly (ownership flat of 2 bedroom) Kshs 4.9 million

Nyali half acre wall fenced near AAR hospital Kshs 18 million

Nyali half acre plot wall fenced on main road
To KRA college Kshs 23 million

Kilifi Bofa 1st row 10 acres Kshs 6.5 million per acre

Ganjoni quarter acre plot free hold with
6 bedroom old massionette house Kshs 35 million

Mbaraki one acre plot with an old
Apartment house Kshs 80 million

Nyali near Solomon’s gate 3 bedroom
Apartment wall fenced Kshs 7 million

Kiembeni several plots measuring
one eighth of an acre Kshs 1.3 to 1.5 million

Ganjoni Apartment house on the main road
Moi Avenue good for commercial business
Like a bank etc. Kshs 65 million

Kenyatta Avenue house good for a bank
And any commercial business Kshs 45 million

Near Coast General Hospital 3 apartment houses
On a quarter acre plot free hold Kshs 28 million

Visit our website for more properties.