Monday, July 20, 2009

How To Use The Web To Sell Like Crazy in Africa

SEO Training in Kenya and East Africa

SEO training course Kenya and East Africa

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Do you have an existing business that you would like to promote online so that you actually achieve sales from leads that you generate online?

Or do you have a skill that you can sell for cash in your spare or idle time online?

If the answer to any of the two questions is YES, then you really need to read on carefully.

If you already own a business, then selling whatever it is you sell online is much easier than you ever thought. And this is because there are people already looking for your services and products online. So all you need to do is to make sure that they can find you. These people usually go to the Google search engine and type “Nokia 3310 Nairobi” for instance (if they are looking for that cell phone). All you have to do is gain the skills to ensure that these ready buyers find you easily online and you don’t even need to have a website. Find all the details you need by subscribing to a free weekly e-newsletter that will give you all the valuable information you need to sell like crazy on the web.

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Or do you have a skill that you can sell for cash in your spare or idle time online?

There are Kenyans who are already making money on the web in their spare or idle time even as they keep their day jobs elsewhere. All they do is get their customers and clients online. Here are a few examples;

Accounting; This accountant sees all his clients after 5pm when he is out of the office of his employer for the day. Or on weekends. How does he find them? On the web of course. They are usually looking for cheap accounting services on Google and many of them end up giving their business to this smart accountant.

Cell phones: There is a huge demand for cell phones. Have you noticed all those small shops in exhibitions in town selling cell phones? Especially Nokia cell phones. This guy has a simple page on a site that is not even his, advertising his services and giving his prices. He has an excellent supplier and goes for low profits to be competitive, earning Kshs 500 or less for each phone he sells. He learnt all the online skills he needed from this weekly email newsletter that is FREE. See details at the bottom of this page.

Graphics and printing: There are loads of very gifted graphic designers who are idle. BUT not this one. He gets all kinds of design jobs via his email. People contact him after reading the information he has made available online.

Hair care: This woman makes her client’s hair in their houses. They simply call her for an appointment and she goes to their homes. She built her respectable client base online and through referrals. It all started with the skills she learnt from this free weekly email newsletter.

Cell phone repair: He learnt how to fix cell phones from his cousin and the rest as they say is history. He receives enquiries mostly through email which he checks every 2 hours on his cell phone which has Internet capabilities.

Computer repair: Most people who own computers do a lot of surfing. So if they get any technical problems where do you think is the first place they will look? Online of course. And that’s why this technician and software guru is kept very busy and yet he doesn’t have an office. He works from home with his mobile phone and the web.

Solar installations: It is so obvious that the current energy crisis worldwide will only get worse. This guy promotes his knowledge on alternative energy and solar installations online and gets at least one installation to do every week. His profit margin per installation is between Kshs 15,000 and Kshs 20,000. That’s because he charges for installation and also gets a commission from the equipment purchased by the client from a solar company he refers them to.

Software sales person: This man sells accounting software and gets his business in two ways. Firstly he places an ad in the Daily Nation classifieds twice a week. And secondly if you go to Google and type the brand name of this popular accounting software and add “Kenya” at the end you will be directed to the page where he has advertised himself and put his cell phone number. He gets good business from both but the business he gets from the web does not cost him a single penny because he put up his page ages ago and does not even maintain it… and yet it keeps sending him business.

Sell Hotel rooms to tourists for a commission: Most people don’t know that tourists get very frustrated looking for hotels in Kenya online, especially budget and lower cost hotels that are still nice and clean. So this online entrepreneur based in Mombasa launched a page advertising exactly this kind of hotel and put only his email address. The page would have been useless if he did not apply the skills from this free weekly e-newsletter. He replies to the constant stream of emails he receives and converts some of them into business for which he is paid a commission by the hotel he books his guests into.

You can “steal” one of these ideas or even come up with your very own, depending on the skills you possess. But you will need the online secrets to sell like crazy on the web and they are free. Subscribe NOW!!

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