Monday, January 5, 2009

SEO Training in Kenya and East Africa

SEO training course Kenya and East Africa

You too can enjoy high traffic to your website and sell more products and services. The simple way to do it is to train in search engine optimization (SEO). Expert trainer who trains companies all over the world is currently in East Africa. Take advantage and get him to train you and your staff on the 8 hour/one day crash course that will revolutionize your online business.

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SEO Training Course Basic Rule That Will Make You A Fortune

Your SEO training course just has to have this basic rule you are about to discover, otherwise it is not worth doing. I don’t care how rich and famous the said SEO expert running it is.

Actually this basic SEO (search engine optimization) rule should be so obvious that nobody should need to write about it or even put it on a SEO training course. But understandably the reason why this is not the case stems from the selfish aspect of human nature. In optimizing their sites, folks think of themselves and their profits first, and ranking highly in their desired keywords in search engine results. The assumption is that if people using the targeted keywords see them there and ends up on their precious sites, they will be successful. So most website owners and SEO practitioners will be prepared to do anything to make it to the top of those search engine results. How wrong they are, how self-defeating this policy always ends up being.

In fact has it ever crossed your mind that the main reason why Google is so successful is that it has always focused on the end users satisfaction and enjoyment? Yet most people practicing SEO these days and many SEO training courses focus on mostly “tricking” the search engines.

The basic rule in a sentence is that effective SEO should always focus on fully satisfying anybody who uses the keyword phrase that you are targeting.

Let us say that you are optimizing the keyword phrase; “Office Chairs for overweight persons” you need to ask yourself the question; what is the searcher who has keyed in those words into a search engine looking for? Information on office chairs for folks as heavy as they are? The kind of prices they would need to pay perhaps? What they should expect from using such a product? Possibly a testimonial from a satisfied user or two? Maybe some disadvantages of the product from some users perhaps?

Just imagine if you were able to provide all this information on your site? Obviously your visitors would stay much longer because they would not need to go anywhere else for any missing information. Study after study has shown that the longer folks spend on your site the higher the chances that they will end up buying something.

The basic lesson that must be in every SEO training course is that instead of expending so much energy looking for ways to trick search engine robots and the algorithm, why not use that energy into focusing on the needs of the end user and what they are looking for?

This is the real secret behind the success of the multi-billion Google Inc. a company that did not exist just 11 years ago. And it is a foundational secret that will make all the difference in any SEO training course.

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Simplified SEO training basic rule


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