Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Business Ideas Africa: Brilliant Ideas From Security

Business Ideas Africa: Brilliant Ideas From SecurityLink

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Business Ideas Africa: Brilliant Ideas From Security
Security is a major concern in the world today and Kenya and Africa is no exception to this worrying trend. We see all kinds of scary stories in the media every day which basically make most people feel very insecure and unsafe. Peace of mind becomes difficult for people with property of any value.

And so there is rather obvious that security products and services will continue to do well in Africa and Kenya for many years to come. However there are a number of obstacles that cause some businesses not to do well in security based businesses.

Topmost on the list has to be the cost. The big mistake many have made is to target only the high end market. There is nothing wrong with that except that in many cases you will already find big international names serving that market. This makes it extremely difficult for a new local upstart to compete. After all many in the high end of the market will be foreigners who prefer to stick with big international names that they already know, whatever the cost.

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