Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get 5000 people to see your product or service, you DON’T need a website and its’ ALL FREE

…And after that get 1,000,000 more hits for FREE

What kind of impact would there be on the sales of your products or services if 1,005,000 unique visitors saw what it is that you sell? And you DON’T even need a website for this. Just send me information on your products and services and we will set up a page here at Kenya Online Directory advertising your products for you for FREE. Complete with photographs (if you send them).

And this can happen right away, you DON’T need to pay anything. Just send me an email NOW with details on what it is you want to sell. That is all. I will do the rest. I will even provide you with a password to be checking how many people have visited your page every day.

After you have received 5,000 visitors, YOU decide what to do next. You will have 2 options;

1. You can do nothing and we will stop sending visitors to your site. And you will owe me nothing. ZERO shillings. But the page advertising your products or services will remain intact and online forever. You can still refer people to it in every email you send out. You will also still be able to receive some traffic directly from search engines on the page.

2. If you are happy with the results and have sold some products already, all you need to do is pay Kshs 1,990 or $29.90 and we will continue sending targeted traffic to your page until the hit counter reaches 1,005,000 unique visitors. GOSH!! That is a lot of prospective customers for your business, don’t you think? 1,005,000!!!!

So, what are you waiting for? It is all FREE and there is absolutely no risk. SEND ME AN EMAIL NOW with details on your product/Service.

P.S. If you have a site or blog already, for this offer to work we have to create a unique page advertising your products/services or your website or blog. That page will then refer traffic to your site. However if you want traffic to be directly sent to your site then the offer DOES NOT apply and we will have to work out something different. Kindly EMAIL ME for details.

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JR Alila said...

Sounds interesting, but if you are able to contol traffic into a blog, I believe you can block all traffic into the same.

JR Alila (Author: RATENG' AND BRIDE)