Friday, July 4, 2008

Email message that Kumekucha received recently

Hi Kumekucha,

You will remember me for the ads that I placed in Kumekucha some months back for my telecommunications business.

I notice that you are now doing something with Kenya Online Directory and offering 6 months free advertising. I believe that this is very ill advised.

I paid for a one week advertisement in Kumekucha and the response was huge. I stand to be corrected but I believe that was before you even reached a million visitors in traffic. My site climbed from a handful of visitors to thousands within a flash. That was just one week of advertising. Now you want to offer 6 months advertising for free and make people rich!! For what!! What about you and Kumekucha, you don’t need mbesha? Where do you think the one thousand bob will take you? Your offer does not make business sense and you are selling yourself way short, my friend. There are ways to boost your advertising revenue without giving away the whole shop and I can advice accordingly.

Hoping that this criticism will be taken positively.


Our advice is that you take advantage of the 6 month free advertising offer before public pressure makes Kumekucha and Kenya Online Directory change their minds. The sweet deal will see your ad placed on Kenya Online Directory and then a link will be created from the mammoth traffic Kumekucha site. This means that you DO NOT even need to have a web site to advertise yourself online. However you can also get a link directly to your site (if you have one) from Kumekucha. Get the full details of the offer HERE.

So why stay with your low sales or your blog or web site that gets one visitor per day (and that is yourself) when you have a chance to change things dramatically?

Get the FULL details Now and then act immediately.

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