Monday, June 25, 2012

“Kienyeji” eggs and week-old chicks from Kili Farm

Kili Farm is located in Mitaboni location, Kathiani District, Machakos County, Kenya. 

The farm has been running since April 2009. The main agricultural activity on the farm is production of indigenous free range chicken, commonly referred to as “Kienyeji.”Kili Farm specializes in production of fertilized “Kienyeji” eggs and week-old chicks.

We also specialize in rearing of Turkeys and Guinea Fowls
The farm has the capacity to hatch 1,000 chicks per week. Chicks are reared for one week, during which they are vaccinated against Marek’s disease (day one) and Newcastle disease and Infectious bronchitis (day 7). 

Currently, the price for a week-old chick is Ksh120 and Ksh30 for a fertilized egg.
Our breed of Kienyeji chicken is popular due to their relative tolerance to poultry diseases and parasites, superior adaptability to varied environmental conditions in different agro-ecological zones, low demand on feed requirements and palatability.
Kili Farm will deliver chicks to Nairobi at no additional transportation cost.

Kili Farm
Tel:- 0706 877522.

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