Monday, September 2, 2013

Reach 0.5 buyers in Kenya and beyond for FREE


Chances are that you have been frustrated recently looking for something online that you need badly. A spare part perhaps? Or a product that you needed to buy right away... or the perfect weekend gateway to unwind.

Guess what???? 

There are many people going through exactly the same experience. I should know because I have the figures from an online tool I use to prove it.

Yep!!! You can be sure that even right now there are numerous eager prospects out there for whatever it is you sell, very frustrated this very moment looking for exactly what is lying around with you unsold.

Now you have a golden opportunity to direct those hot prospects to a page with all your basic information including how to contact you. And what's more you don't have to believe what I am telling you. You can test the whole concept for FREE.

This is how it works.

To reach one million buyers interested in Kenyan products and services will cost you ONLY Kshs 8,999.

BUT before you commit such a large amount of money for something you might not even understand...

REACH half that number (0.5 million) FOR FREE!!! (no catch)

...and from a small fraction of the revenue you generate from that you can finance a campaign to reach the rest.

That is how confident I am that this will work for you. After all I have been offering this online service (called search engine optimization, you can google it to see what it means) to many smart Kenyan entrepreneurs for the last 3 years and I have a long list of VERY VERY satisfied clients.

Don't hesitate. Get your cell phone NOW and call me on 0727-217920 and I will do the rest. Or email me at ckyalo at gmail dot com.

The way it works;

* Keyword research will be done for your product or service to establish the exact words Kenyans are using on popular search engines like Google to look for products and services that you offer.

* I will create a page with your basic information and optimize it for the most popular keywords so that anybody in Kenya (or looking for something in Kenya) typing those words will instantly be directed to the page with your information.

* To speed up the process I will post catchy links to the page on popular Facebook pages directing even more traffic to your page.

* To speed up the process even more I will post catchy links in popular Kenyan websites directing even more traffic to your page.

* You can be sure that if this does NOT work for you, it is unlikely anything else will.

Unfortunately the keyword research tool (vital for this whole process) is NOT Free but I have negotiated a very special deal where it will cost me Only $25 per business. But don't worry I am NOT going to ask you to pay that instead I will pay half that amount on your behalf (that is how confident I am that this will work) and so you will have to pay ONLY Kshs 995 and I will do ALL the work for you for FREE. 

Remember that once done THIS IS PERMANENT. You will keep on enjoying the benefits of getting a steady stream of hot prospects for a very long time to come (WHETHER OR NOT YOU END UP GIVING ME BUSINESS).

I will contact you ONLY ONCE at the end of 7 days to ask if you would like to go ahead  and blast your Ad to a million hot prospects. If you decline that will be the end of it. NO further sales messages and I give you my word, I will NEVER again try to contact you or convince you.

It is that simple and straight forward. Call me now on 0727-217920 or email me at ckyalo at gmail dot com and I will do the rest.


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