Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Business Management And Computer Courses Nairobi, Kenya: Wisemen Trainers & Consultants

Business Management And Computer Courses: Wisemen Trainers & ConsultantsUnlock your full potential

Union Towers 10th, 11th & 12th floors
Moi Avenue, City Centre
Box 109 00517, Nairobi

Cell:- 0722 772390 Tel: 020 313031, 317718

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Prior to enrolment we:

Check your entry qualifications and identity.
Receive your payment of registration and tuition fee.
Check your entry qualifications and identity.Receive your payment of registration and tuition fee.

Enrolment is a busy process. We aim to be as quick & efficient as possible. You can help by being at the right place at the right time and with all the documents for enrolment.

Where and when do I enroll?

You will enroll at the campus where your course runs. Enrolment ranges from every fortnight intakes to twice annually depending on the course. It is important for the student to attend the enrolment session in person before the date specified, even if you are unable to provide all the required information.

What do I do if I can’t attend my enrolment session?

You should make every effort to attend the enrolment session. If you cannot attend then you will have to postpone your entry to another semester’s intake.

What do I need to bring to enrolment?

There are a number of things you will need to bring with you to enrolment:
Your letter of admission.
The letter allows you access to the colleges building until you are formally issued with the college’s ID card.

Your completed enrolment form.

Please check the printed details, and complete all the sections meant for the student.

Proof of identification.

All new students are required to bring proof of identification to enrolment. In some instances you may be required to produce more than one form of identification. Only originals of the following together with there photocopies will be accepted:
Valid Passport
National ID Card
Original Certificates of academic qualifications together with their photocopies.

Tuition Fee payment

You are required to pay your tuition fees at the enrolment date or provide evidence that another body or sponsor will be paying your tuition fees.

How much will it Cost?

As a student you will have three main costs to meet:
Registration fees (fixed for all courses)
Tuition fees:
Examination fees

These costs vary from course to course as stipulated in the prospectus & students handbook.
Payment by installment

Students may opt to pay by installment on the basis of the non discounted tuition fee rate. Students paying by installment must enter into an approved installment plan at the enrolment date.

Sponsored Students

Where a private sponsor such as an employer, charity or other organization is paying all or part of the fees, you are required to provide original evidence on company letterhead at enrolment. This should include the amount you are being sponsored for. You will also be required to sign a declaration of fee payment form to confirm your liability for the event of sponsor failing to pay.

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