Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SEO Services Kenya, East Africa and Beyond

Get top notch search engine optimization services from Christopher Kyalo who has over 9 years experience optimizing sites in the region and beyond. Reasonable charges and excellent service. Contact him today at ckyalo at gmail dot com or call +254 727 217920

Also includes services to help you promote successfully using popular social media networking sites like Facebook.

In the Event that you want to make the wise decision of training your staff members in SEO... 

Get cutting edge SEO training where you are anywhere in the world. Christopher Kyalo will come to you for an intensive one day/8 hour session that will turn you into an instant SEO expert. Pay in your local currency and have the joy of seeing your site soar above all your competitors on Google search results as you receive highly targeted visitors who are easy to convert. Or use the knowledge to launch your own lucrative search engine optimization business. SEO is hot just now because every site in the world needs it. Email me right away for more details or to set a date. The cost is more affordable than you ever imagined. 

More details on SEO training in East Africa.


Anonymous said...

The SEO industry is still very young and SEO services in Kenya are virtually non-existent. However smart entrepreneurs need to wake up and smell the coffee. There is no way you can succeed online without understanding and using SEO.

John said...

I believe in the coming months in 2012 and years to come anyone or company with a website or just looking to increase Traffic and Revenue NEED the Services of an SEO Firm.