Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Burglary And Alarm Systems Mombasa

The Best Burglary And Alarm Systems in Mombasa

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* Wireless alarm
* Vibration sensors
* Door magnet
* Alarm battery
* Control panel plus keypad
* Siren
* Strobes

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Started in 1997,Intex Alarms has been a trend setter when it comes to Quality Security Systems. Intex Alarms provides sales,installation and support of top leading edge Alarm Security Systems for a variety of situations. Headquartered in Mombasa, Intex Alarms is dedicated to providing individuals and businesses with the highest quality services

Intex Alarms (K) Ltd  ,
Jomo Kenyatta Avenue , Opposite Horizon Bus Services,
P.O. Box 43259 G.P.O. 80100,
Mombasa, Kenya.
GSM: 020 2040626/TelFax:+254 41 2495623
Mobile: +254 722 820036/+254 738 820036
Email:info at

Nairobi Branch of Intex Alarms (K) Ltd. Located on the 2nd floor of Diamond Plaza Annexe Masari Road Highridge Nairobi Tel:- +254 708 236 266

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Dwayne o'cornor said...

its really a must to secure theHome Security Systems
your place. However, there are some gadgets and technology that must be reasonable before you used it. Over acting is annoying sometimes.