Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Electric Fence And Razor Wire Mombasa

Quality Electric Fence and Razor (Barbed) Wire Mombasa
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* Fencing machine
* Galvanized wire

IntexAlarms pulsed electrified perimeter security systems provide total security and protection of the protected perimeter or boundary. The construction of the system creates a psychological and physical barrier through or over which would-be intruders would have to pass to achieve their objective. By design Intexalarm systems actively Defend... Deter...

Deny... Detect... attempts to gain unauthorized access! Would-be intruders who come into contact with the system are repelled by a SHORT, SHARP, REGULATED SAFE but PAINFUL electric shock. Any attempts to cut, load, short-circuit or tamper with the fence are detected and alarms are generated.

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Nairobi Branch of Intex Alarms (K) Ltd. Located on the 2nd floor of Diamond Plaza Annexe Masari Road Highridge Nairobi Tel:- +254 708 236 266

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