Thursday, September 30, 2010

Affordable Search Engine Marketing Expert Kenya Can Transform Your Business

If I type the name of your business on the Google search engine can I find you online or information about you?

And even MORE important, if I type what you do, will I be led to a page that gives details about you and what you have to offer?

You see the truth is that even as you read this there are ready customers typing out services and products that they need right away on search engines like Google. In other words you are losing lots of business if you can’t be found on Google.

There are statistics available that show many of the words buyers in Kenya are using all the time on Google e.g.

Used cars Nairobi

affordable used fridge Mombasa,

Nokia phone Nairobi,

Laptop 25,000 Nairobi…

And yet it is so easy to be found through search engines like Google. You don’t even need a website. All you need is a page with your basic information and what you do and then an expert needs to set it up so that all your potential clients can find you easily online. Especially when they type what you do in leading search engines like Google.

That expert to help you get found on leading search engines is Chris Kavila. Here are a few examples of how businesses in Kenya have already benefited tremendously from this.

• Established Punjabi restaurant in Mombasa couldn’t get enough business and yet the town is flocking with tourists looking for just such a restaurant. A page was created that can be found through Google and now the restaurant gets a steady stream of people calling on the numbers placed on the page created for them online. Most of these people end up at the restaurant. Incidentally the owners know very little about the web or computers but they know that what Chris did for them WORKS.

• Small tiny company in Nairobi selling Quickbooks accounting software was experiencing dropping sales and hardly any response from the small ads they were placing in the Daily Nation. Chris set up a simple page describing their Quickbooks services and indicating prices they charge for the software as well as training. And then he ensured that it could be found on Google. The response was immediate and to this day they have never found the need to advertise in newspapers again. Most of the people who need the software in Kenya go to Google first and they always end up finding this tiny company.

• There is this Mombasa business run by a well known medical professional that offers a unique service of taking care of terminally ill patients. A page was created with the right keywords which potential customers use when searching for these services. The result is that they have moved from being idle just a few weeks ago to a situation where they are forced to turn down some clients because they just cannot cope with the volume of business they are receiving.


You and your business need to be found on Google. And Chris Kavila has an amazing offer where he will do just this for you and you can pay him later ONLY when you are satisfied that it is really working for you. Meaning that you can finance the low cost of getting this done with the clients you will actually get as a result of the work Chris will do for you.

All you need to do is the following:

1. Send Chris an email now describing your business and what you do. A simple way to do this is to simply reproduce your business card details and email them to ckyalo at gmail dot com asking Chris to create the page and optimize it for you so that it can be found through the popular Google search engine. You will need to pay only a small registration fee of a mere Kshs 650/- (or $10). Alternatively you can SMS him the info at 0727-217920

2. The page will be instantly set up for you and Chris will research the words and phrases used by your potential customers when looking for the products/services that you offer and optimize your page for those keyword phrases. It will also be possible for people to find your contact information by simply typing in the name of your business on Google.

3. That’s IT!!! You can then start enjoying the benefits of being found online and if you are happy and satisfied with the work Chris has done for you, then and ONLY then will you pay the very affordable rate of Kshs 1,350 (or $19) for the work that has been done for you. If for any reason YOU feel that it is NOT useful or has NOT helped you according to your expectations, you will owe Chris nothing and nobody will ever demand any payment from you.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your cell phone now and call Chris on +254 727 217920 and your customers will be able to find you online within the hour. Yep!! That is how fast it works. You don’t want your competitors enjoying this before you do so please call/sms +254 727-217920 NOW!!!

P.S. Chris also creates simple but beautiful websites for clients for only Kshs 3,999. The only additional cost you will have is the annual domain name fee of $10 (approx Kshs 800) paid directly to the United States (Chris will assist you to do this online in minutes). This has to be the most affordable way of getting a website in Kenya today!!

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