Monday, September 27, 2010

Structured Cabling, Metal Trunking, Nairobi Kenya: Best Telecom Limited

Structured Cabling, Metal Trunking, Nairobi Kenya: Best Telecom Limited

Best Telecom Limited has been developing and providing telecommunication solutions since the year 2000 creating innovative solutions that are available for small and medium sized companies. We have acquired extensive experience and expertise in:

* Structured cabling
* Intelligent real estate
* Lan and Wifi
* Metal trunking
* Telecom equipment including IP telephony
* Telephone billing software
* ICT consultancy and solutions

User-friendly pocket-friendly solutions for your organization.

Bruce House Ground floor Standard Street

Cell:- 0722 313939 /0736 313939

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Structured Cabling Services said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along . However, I found another website that provides Cat 3, Cat 5,Cat6 ,Cat 6e ,coax cabling ,Fiber Optics Cabling and all kinds of data networking and structured cabling services in calgary canada.

Wire Guys said...

Complete premise wiring through means of structured cabling helps organizations to reduce costs as much as 30% or more. It is so flexible in nature that even if changes or additions are to be made, it can easily be done at much reduced costs compared to other methods of cabling installation. During expansion of a business offices also need to expand in size with more departments, computers and other peripherals. Implementation of a structured system can easily let you upgrade your network cabling with ease and minimal expenses. It is also very simple in maintenance and supports any kind of future applications. And if the need for relocation arises your structured cabling can go with you. Organizations have always an advantage on installing this sort of a cabling structure with has brought long term benefits.