Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Huseini Auto Spares: Sole Distributors Mombasa for OiLibya And Specialist Stockist Landrover and Peugeot Spares

Oilibya Lubricants Mombasa Hotline; 0722 820392

Huseini Lubricants are the Sole distributors in Mombasa for OiLibya lubricants and greases.

Haile Selassie Road, Mombasa KENYA

Tel:- +254 722 820392


Lubricants range includes

    - Petrol engine oil
    - Diesel engine oil
    - Gear Oils
    - Automatic Transmission Oils
    - Brake Fluids
    - Industrial/commercial oils - Hydraulic Oils & Industrial Gear Oils
    - Greases

    - LPG
    - Gas

Why choose Oilibya lubricants? Why Choose their sole distributors in Mombasa Huseini Lubricants?

Did you know that the use of low grade lubricants will dramatically shorten the lifespan of your car engine and any other equipment and lead to many more breakdowns and downtime? The oil or lubricant you choose makes a huge difference.

Are you looking for a range of products providing you with an opportunity to protect your valuable equipment using a unique blend of high performance-based oils and advanced additive systems? Then you are looking for Oilibya. Our products are suitable for use in a wide variety of industries including transport, construction, quarrying, cement and manufacturing, among others. The product family has both multi-grade and mono-grade products.

OiLibya offers a full range of automotive, industrial and special purpose oils for numerous applications. Our products meet the most critical equipment builder specifications around the world. These products are readily available through our service stations, and Oilibya sole distributor in Mombasa Huseini Lubricants and can be supplied directly to our customers on request.

Tel:- +254 722 820392


We are also the leading specialists in Landrover and Peugeot spares in Mombasa and Coast region.

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