Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Forgotten Benefits Of Barter: Save Money Today

Before cash came along people were doing just fine with Barter trade. If you had some delicious game meat you had just hunted, there was no way you were going to eat it all before it got stale (there were no refrigerators in them days) so it made sense to exchange some of it for fruits (your desert).

What most people don't know is that barter still works today and can be highly rewarding and profitable because of the following benefits;

a) You save on cash by exchanging what you don't need for what you need. Every house has something of value lying around somewhere that is no longer used that can be exchanged for something that is badly needed.

b) It is a much easier way of selling your services and skills in a depressed economy like Kenya at the moment. For instance, an accountant can accept Hi-tech electronics in exchange for doing the books for an electronics shop and then sell the item later through classified ads in the newspapers or even through the Kenya Online Directory.

c) Barter often opens the door for repeat cash business later because it is an excellent way to advertise your products/services or even skills and talents. The way it works is that the first time you barter trade for whatever it is and then later the person you did the trade with likes what they got so much that they place repeat orders and this time for cash.

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