Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Get Cell Phone Details NOW

To Get Full Details about the cell phone you are looking for please email NOW. It will take just 5 seconds for you to send this email. Click below where it says (send email Now). Depending on the set up of your computer and your email host, what may come up is the page to sign in for your email. If this happens, sign in as usual and what will come up next is the page complete with the recipient email and ready for you to press send. Before you do so Indicate in the subject area the words "Mobile Phone" followed by the number representing what you are looking for e.g.

“1” For Best prices mobile phones Email NOW

“2” For Basic solid Nokia 3210 Email NOW

“3” For Other Nokia Cell Phones Email NOW

“4” For Cell Phones with camera Email NOW

“5” For Cell Phones that will surf the Net Email NOW

“6” For Cell phones with polyphonic ring tones Email NOW

“7” For Cell Phone that can take video Email NOW

You can indicate more than one feature that you are looking for and we will get back to you with full details.

Email Now.

Or of the link does not work for you simply send an email now to seo4free93 (at)

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