Friday, August 3, 2007

If you have landed on this page...

If you have landed on this page it means that the Kenya Online Directory is yet to link to the company you are looking for. Please check the link again in a few days.

If by any chance you are the owner of the company, my humble suggestion is that we link directly to your website from the previous high traffic page which will be attracting high traffic regularly, directly from search engines. If you do not have a website, don't worry about it, we can create a unique web page for your company for us to link to with all the details you need including photographs for as little as $10/Kshs 500/-. Yes, it will be possible for people to find this page directly from popular search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

To link directly to your site (so that when somebody clicks on your business name on the previous page they land at your website or page) will cost only $25/Kshs 1,500. This is a permanent link and there are NO annual or even 5-year renewal fees. Your link will be forever referring thousands of hot prospects to what you sell.

You can get the link up in a few hours. All you need to do is to Email Me NOW with the "Order $25/Kshs 1,500" in the subject area and instructing me to link to your site as you organize payment. It is that simple. Just Email Me NOW.

Bonus: Once your business name is linked to your site, you will qualify for one free link from the text in the article (if it is still available). Hurry and book before they are taken up. A link from within the article will give you very high traffic of people interested in buying from you.

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