Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Get A Good Barter Deal: Exchange What You Don't Need For What You Require

How to get into a barter deal NOW. It's FREE for the first deal!!

Do you see an interesting ad and you fancy an exchange deal? It is simple click on the email next to the ad and we'll send you the contact details free (strictly 1 ad only). However for the next ad that you need details for you will need to pay a temporary membership fee of $2 or Kshs 100 which will last 2 weeks or $5 or 250/- which will last 3 months. Life membership to the Kenya Online Directory barter club costs only $19.90 or Kshs 1,000.

1. I am looking to exchange my old battered Hitachi laptop loaded with Windows XP professional. It still works superbly and is a P3. I have had it for almost 2 years now. I am looking to exchange it with a used desktop PC either a P3 or P4. Location: Kenya. Email NOW Indicate in subject area "Laptop Barter"

2. I am almost through reading a very riveting book about the Coca Cola company titled POP: Truth and Power at the Coca-Cola Company by Constance L. Hays. Originally I purchased this book hoping to find marketing secrets of Coke—as you know Coke is legendary for its' marketing. What I have found in the book is much more. There are details on the history of the company including why the company is organized the way it is today and the historical flop of new Coke amongst other gems. I am willing to exchange this paperback book for another good business biography. Location: Kenya. Email NOW Indicate in subject area "Coke book"

3. Am an experienced SEO content writer for websites. Without content your website will never rank highly in search engine results and so you will never see any significant traffic. SEO means search engine optimization and involves the selection of the right keyword phrases before even the articles are written. Many websites in Kenya badly require this service. I am looking to exchange my services and skills for a good digital camera. Will also consider cash and other offers. Location: Kenya. Email NOW Indicate in subject area "content writer barter"

4. The owner of the wildly popular Kumekucha blog is offering well-written creative promotional articles on any business (must be of interest to Kenyans) in the Kumekucha site in exchange for whatever product or service you sell. Will also consider cash and other offers. Location: US but has writers and representatives in the United Kingdom, The Rest of Europe, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Email NOW Indicatre in subject area "Kumekucha Barter"

If clicking on the "Email Now" did not work for you. Simply email to

Do you have something lying around that you don't use much these days? You can exchange it for something you want. You can also exchange what your business produces or your personal skills for something of value. Just send the details via email to the Kenya Online Directory and we'll publish them free. Do it now, you'll be amazed at the offers you receive. You'll discover that it is very easy to exchange something that you had almost trashed for something of value or even your personal skills and services for valuable high quality products and services. First two ads are free. After that you will need to be a member of this barter club for a small fee.

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