Friday, August 24, 2007

Why Are Kenyans Sending Nyama Choma Home From The US?

Do you want to torture some information out of a Kenyan? That's easy, especially if that Kenyan has not had Nyama choma or specifically mbuzi choma for a long time all you need to do is show them photographs of Nyama choma or even better present a few pieces of well roasted nyam choms and then you can start asking all the questions you want.

"What do you know about XYZ? Tell me everything you know and all this nyama choma is yours."

If it is genuine Kenyan you are dealing with, I can assure you that they will start talking.

So it is not really surprising that some of the gifts being send back home from Kenyans in the US includes Nyama choma, even whole mbuzis.

The service being used to accomplish this is Mama Mikes, that Kenyan web site that has been helping thousands of Kenyans in the diasporas send home the sort of gifts that inspires villagers to sing their praises for days on end.

According to Mama Mikes they have recently received a request from a customer to buy a pizza for someone in Kenya and to deliver it. That is an interesting prospect receiveing a pizza for lunch all the way from the United States of A.

Other popular requests include paying school fees and recently cell phone airtime which costs only $2.49 to send online at Mama Mikes.

But Kenyans are getting even more creative in their gift giving. Somebody is planning to buy their grandmother a Friesian dairy cow. That is the sort of gift that the recipient will never forget about in a hurry because it gives them a daily source of income in a country where cash is increasingly scarce.


nairobian said...

Some really interesting gift ideas those ones. Gone are the days when you would buy a christmas card and send it home.

The airtime idea has also been tapped by who are also doing the same thing. It seems like an onlin simu ya jamii webshop/joint bana.

Well done Kenyans

jackpot said...

I agree with you about these. Well someday Ill create a blog to compete you! lolz.