Friday, August 3, 2007

If You Land On This Page...

If you land on this page it means that the Kenya Online Directory is yet to find a website or company to link to. Please check the link again in a few days.

If by any chance you deal in the products or services represented by the keyword you have just clicked on to land here, then you have a chance to be the one people see when they click on it. We can link directly to your website for only $25 / Kshs 1,500. If you do not have a website, or appropriate page to link to, don't worry about it, we can create a unique web page for your business for us to link to with all the details you need including photographs for as little as $10/Kshs 500/-. Yes, it will be possible for people to find this page directly from popular search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

You can get the link up in a few hours. All you need to do is to Email Me NOW with the "Order $35" in the subject area and instructing me to link to your site as you organize payment. It is that simple. Just Email me now.

Bonus: If you have this link and qualify to be on the list at the bottom of the page you were on previously, you qualify for a free listing and link so that when people click on your business name they will land on your website/page.

N.B. You can choose any other alternative keyword phrases already on the page, instead of the highlighted ones.

Email Me NOW and get your link up in the next few hours. Don't forget to include the words "Order $35" in the subject area. Your email should instruct me to link to your site as you organize payment. It is that simple.

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